10 Best Places in Switzerland

1. The Jungfrau Region – Bernese Oberland

The Jungfrau Region – Bernese Oberland

The Jungfrau region begins in Interlaken, the largest town in the region which is easy to reach by cars and trains, Jungfrau stretches out to the Jung-frau mountain range in the south which is Unesco World Heritage. It is one of the best Photography in Switzerland.There are many beautiful villages and amazing Alpine nature.

2. Lugano – South Switzerland

Lugano – Southern Switzerland

This city has a population of 71,500.The 9th largest swiss city which has huge Italian speaking majority outside Italy.

There are many beautiful sites in Lugano that are part of Swiss heritage site of national significance

1. Sethedrl of San Lorenzo

2.Church of Santa Maria Degli Angioli

3.Palazzo Civico

4.Biblioteca Cantonale

5.Church of san Rocco

3. Lucerna


Lucerna is the city of central Switzerland in the German-speaking city of the country. Best and beautiful place of Lucerne is Reuses and Amazing Chapel Bridge known as the oldest wooden covered bridge. Best time to visit Lucerne at Festival times.

  1. Lucerna festival for classic music which takes place in  summer
  2. Lucerne cheese festival
  3. Folklore festivals
  4. Blue balls festivals
  5. Lucerna Festival Orchestra

4 . Zurich


Zurich is known as a global center for banking and finance in North Switzerland.

Places to Visit:

Churches: Grossmunster, Fraumunster, st peter church, Predgerkirche.

Parks and nature: Zoological Garden has an amazing count of 260 species of animals

Botanical Garden house with more than 1500 species of plant and tree then Chinese garden and Utliberg

5. The Rhine falls

The Rhine falls

The Rhine falls is one of the beautiful and largest plain waterfalls in Europe.

Nearest community in Neuhausen and amazing Rainfall where tourist can also see worth castle, Boat trips through waterfalls will be an amazing experience and a reason to see best arts of nature throughout the planet.

6. Geneva lake

Geneva lake

This lake is an Amazing shared lake between France and Switzerland. it is also a diplomatic hub with Luxury shops and cobbled old town on the southern French side is the spa town.

In the 1960s  due to pollution in the lake made it dangerous for the tourist to swim due to complete Invisibility under water and during 1980s due to intense pollution had almost wiped out all the fish. Now the pollution levels are controlled and tourists can enjoy the beauty of the lake at their best.

7. Swiss National Park

Swiss National Park

This park is located in Western Rhaetian  Alps founded in 1st Aug 1914 which is declared as the national holiday of Switzerland and considered as one of the earliest national parks in Europe as of 2009 with an area of 174.2 km square and now it is a largest protected area of the country. The Interior design of the park was just Awesome. Here the visitors are not allowed to leave their footmark, Make fire and sleep outside which makes it as the beautiful place for tourists.

8. Matterhorn


Matterhorn is the great mountain of the Alps straddling as the main watershed and border between Switzerland and Italy, is also known for its great art of the nature by the designs which had left an unknown story behind its creation. Most of the visitors are only attracted towards Matterhorn Museum which is in the form of reconstructed Mountain village.

9. Alps


The Alps have been a place for wars and commerce, in spite of being one of the beautiful place whenever anyone crosses the road, or train is known as passes. It also provides lowland Europe with drinking water and irrigation and electric power supply on other side covering only 11% of the area of Europe, it provides 90% of the water to the surface area of Europe which is almost an amazing part to visit this beautiful place.

10. Chillon Castle

Chillon Castle

Chillion castle is an amazing Island Castle located in the lake Geneva.Chillion was made popular by lord Byron who wrote a beautiful poem the prisoner of chillion in 1878 about Francois de Bonivard finally Byron carved his name on dungeon.