Anantapuram, February 4

Displeasure over Hindupur MLA Balakrishna’s personal assistant Shekar is mounting up among Anantapur TDP Leaders.

To put a check to Shekar’s atrocities, former MLA CC Venkataramudu, Ambika Lakshminarayana, ZPTC members have been arranging meetings in Chilamattoor, Lepakshi, Hindupur rural areas.

Meanwhile, as part of self-defense Shekar supporters held rallies and public meetings. Chilamattoor MPP Nausiya Bhanu and his followers took out a rally in support of Shekar. They alleged that CC Venkataramudu and Ambika Lakshminarayana are encouraging groupism in the party, at a public meeting at Shadi Mahal in BC Colony.

MPP Bhanu’s husband Mansoor, other leaders Ansari and Anjinappa challenged that they would not allow the rebel leaders to enter Chilamattoor and not allow them to hold a public meeting here on February 5.

Anantapur TDP

Shekar supporters reportedly goaded 502 pensioners to mandal office, saying that pensions would be given to them if they participate in the rally. Also they allegedly invited the members of women associations of Demekethepalli, Gadrallapalli, Brahmeswarampalli and other villages to a meeting and forced them to participate in the rally and meeting.

With increasing dissent, several municipal councilors, sarpanches and senior leaders formed an anti-group. Municipal Vice-Chairman Ramu, councilors, senior leader RMS Shafi and other leaders declared that they will submit mass resignations if former MLC CC Venkataramudu and Ambika Lakshminarayana are suspended.

In this context, a meeting was arranged at CC Venkataramudu’s house on Thursday night to which leaders in large numbers attended.

A few Anantapur TDP leaders observed that all this is being done according to a plan to send Shekar away from the party. Now one should have to wait and see whether Balakrishna takes the side of his personal assistant or party leaders.

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