Hindupur, February 2

Hindupur TDP leaders weren’t happy with the working style of Balakrishna’s personal secretary Sekhar.

After his victory in 2014 general elections, Balayya appointed a government employee of Chittoor district, Kanumuri Sekhar, as his personal secretary to be a mediator between him and party leaders/people in Hindupur.

Since one year, Hindupur TDP senior leaders complain Sekhar has been taking everything under his control in the absence of Balakrishna and even their experience wasn’t taken into consideration. Sekhar is behaving like a dictator since Balakrishna stays in Hindupur for just one or two days for every two or three months, they pointed out.

Even Former MLAs C Venkatramudu and Abdul Ghani seem to be upset about it. Allegations were leveled against Sekhar that he began new kind of politics by controlling traders.

Hindupur tdp

Sekhar is even reportedly ignoring Pamishetty Ranganayakulu, who was elected as BC Corporation State Chairman and continues to dominate him. Discussions are going on in the party that Sekhar disputed with Chairperson Ravilla Lakshmi on several occasions, with a view to have an upper hand in municipal affairs.

Local Leaders allege those who remained loyal to party in Lepakshi, Hindupur and Chilamatturu Municipalities were neglected. They alleged that Sekhar, without the knowledge of Balakrishna, is encouraging a few leaders to dominate these municipalities. The leaders lamented that the MLA is giving importance to Sekhar without understanding the problems here.

Rebel Leaders were holding meetings at Hindupur rural & Lepakshi, which is raking up controversy in Hindupur. On February 5, a meeting is scheduled to take place at Chilamatturu to discuss about the same matter.

Former MLA CC, Ambika and rebels made it clear they have nothing against Balayya but can’t tolerate corrupt Sekhar. Ex-MLA CC Venkatramudu even pledged to sit on indefinite fast if Sekhar wasn’t sacked.

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