Srikalahasti, January 20

The construction of the Rajagopuram of the Srikalahasti temple, the tallest and the beautifully ornated monumental temple tower, is complete.

The older Rajagopuram with a 500-year old history, built by Vijayanagara king Sri Krishnadevaraya in 1516 AD to commemorate his victory over Gajapathi kingdom, collapsed on May 27, 2010.

The collapse was treated as a bad omen besides the worry of collapse of an ancient construction. The government reconstructed the Rajagopuram.

Sri Krishnadevaraya, after defeating several kingdoms from 1509 to 1513, finally defeated Gajapati rulers and constructed the 136 feet height Rajagopuram at Srikalahasti temple in Chittoor district.


There are evidences that Krishnadevaraya himself inaugurated this monument. This was constructed without using even a small piece of iron and reflects the Vijayanagara sculpture.

There was a story that the labour constructed the Rajagopuram found gold in the nearby river. Since then the river is named as ‘Swarnamukhi’ river.

Experts said that a thin crack developed 50 years after its construction, i.e., in 1565. The then rulers made minor repairs and the construction sustained for about 430 years without any problems.

Though the construction was delayed, the locals were happy that at last finally the new Rajagopuram is ready.