Tuni, February 1

The infamous incident at Tuni during the Kapu meet that had witnessed the mob turning violent and setting the Rathnachal train on fire, besides two police stations and a couple of police vehicles, has completed one year.

Thousands of people of Kapu community attended the meeting held for reservations in Tuni of East Godavari district. The agitators allegedly incited by their leader Mudragada Padmanabham’s call seized the highway, attacked police station and burnt several vehicles and set the Ratnachal train on fire. As the blaze turned seven bogies into ashes, hundreds of traumatized   passengers, including women and children, had to run for their lives.

Two days after the Rathnachal train burning incident, police registered cases on several leaders.

Rathnachal Train

The Centre took the incident seriously and handed over the case to CID. A few videos recorded at the time raised suspicion that anti-social forces in the guise of agitators resorted to the inhuman act.

Curfew and section 144 were clamped in Tuni for four or five days. After that, a series of incidents like CID sleuths arresting a few people, Mudragada staging a sit-in stir demanding release of arrested activists and  accused getting bail took place.

CID officials issued notices to YSR Congress Party leader Bhumana Karunakar Reddy, alleging his hand behind the incident. Unfortunately, neither the case related to violence nor the issue of BC status for Kapus is solved yet.

The tragedy that happened one year ago has remained as a black spot in the history of Andhra Pradesh State.

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