Rajahmundry, February 3

A high level ration card scam is going on in East Godavari district. One can get new ration card just by paying Rs 5,000. If one wants to change pink ration card as white card, they have to pay Rs 2,000.

Revenue officials in Kunavaram are collecting extra money from the public to issue ration cards. They are collecting Rs 5,000 for each card.

About 1,437 new ration cards were issued in Kunavaram mandal during the last Janma Bhoomi programme. It was reported that half of these cards are fake. A few cards were issued to unmarried persons while some were given to people living in other areas. Even the officials issued new ration cards for people living abroad also.

Ration Card Scam

In all this scam, the real beneficiaries were deprived of the benefits. The officials reportedly issued ration cards to all those who paid extra money.

Several people alleged that the officials are not sanctioning ration cards to them though they have been visiting revenue office several times.

There are allegations about local political leaders’ hand in the ration card scam. The beneficiaries alleged that a few political leaders gave bribes to the officials and getting ration cards. The entire scam will come to light only after a probe at grassroot level is conducted. The real beneficiaries requested the government to issue ration cards to them at least now.

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