Rajahmundry, February 16

Tribals of agency areas in the district are leading miserable lives without minimum facilities like water, medical aid and roads.

Koyadora and Kondareddy tribals are living in Chintalagudem, Mamidivalasa and Badikunta villages of Tunnuru panchayat, Devipatnam mandal of Rampachodavaram ITDA limits. Their only income source is selling forest products. But they get meager income due to the alleged cheating of city people.

There is no road to these three villages. If anyone wants to visit these villages have to cross forest area, rivulets, hillocks on foot only. About 115 tribal families are living in the three villages.

The villages lack minimum facilities. There are only one hand pump each in Badikunta and Mamidivalasa and two hand pumps in Chintalagudem for drinking water purpose. The villagers have to drink polluted water whenever these pumps do not work.


There is no school and anganwadi centre in the three villages, which have about 500 people. The villagers have to go Kondamodalu village, 10 km away from their village, for school or to purchase essential commodities. The villagers are forced to carry the patients on cots to hospital.

None of the government welfare schemes are reaching out to these villagers. Also they are deprived of agricultural benefits through ITDA, subsidies, widow and elders’ pensions. Houses and toilets constructions stopped abruptly.

The road near Ethapalli village is inundated during rainy season, disconnecting about 26 villages along with these three villages with the rest of the world. A bridge on the river will solve their problems, but the officials are neglecting their plight, the villagers lamented.

They also said a tribal cooperative corporation sub-depot and road construction between Akuru and Chintalagudem will ease their problems.

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