Vijayawada, February 11

The Andhra Pradesh government has cancelled 41,705 white ration cards across the State. It should be noted that most of these ration card holders are rich people and government employees.

The government is busy in correcting the blunders while issueing ration cards during Janmabhoomi programme. A news item titled ‘Tella Koteeswarulu’ was published in Andhra Jyothi Telugu daily on January 8 this year.

The government held a probe in 13 districts over this issue. It was revealed that several people with crores of properties have got white ration card for Arogya Sri benefits.

white ration cards

Government employees took white ration cards on their spouses’ names. After the probe, the government cancelled the ration cards to ineligible persons.

Visakhapatnam is leading in issuing ration cards to ineligible people with 7,462 persons getting white ration cards. Vijayanagaram has the least number with only 935. While

940 in Srikakulam, 4,012 in East Godavari, 2,846 in West Godavari, 1,991 in Krishna, 6,976 in Guntur, 2,842 in Prakasam, 1,851 in Nellore, 2,690 in Kadapa, 1,969 in Kurnool, 3,717 in Anantapuram, and 3,471 white ration cards in Chittoor were cancelled.

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