Vijayawada, February 1

Stage is getting set to start Polavaram multi-purpose irrigation project on February 1. However, Polavaram Project virtual review and other important works scheduled on January 29 were cancelled.

AP Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu will perform puja rituals to kick off project works at 10 am on Wednesday (February 1) and would personally monitor the works.

‘Earth-come-rock fill’ dam will be constructed to stop water flow in irrigation water project. A diaphragm wall will be constructed in the stone layers at the bottom of the earth-cum-rock fill dam. There should not be any bends in this diaphragm wall technically.


The earth-cum-rock fill dam length will be 1.75 km in the Polavaram project, which is the largest in the country. The AP government will hand over the construction work to Germany-based Bawal company.

To construct the earth-cum-rock fill dam, they have to dig till 100 metres and once they touch stone layers they have to dig up for another five meters depth. Then diaphragm wall should be constructed.

Crust gates are another important aspect of the construction in the project. 48 crust gates of 16 meters width and 20 meters hight will be placed, which are the largest in the country for a project.

These gates work on hydrolics and through  remote control. 15,000 metric tones of steel is needed to construct these gates. Bhilai and Vizag steel plants agreed to supply steel needed for the crust gates construction. The AP government is keen on completing the project at the earliest.

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