Vijayawada, February 2

Government schools are going to get a makeover with the introduction of digital classes. The AP government is planning to bid adieu to old teaching systems and going to implement virtual and visualized digital teaching in government schools across the State.

The government, which is giving prominence to technology, has already initiated paperless governance. Every file is being solved through online only and implementing digital bill payments. With the same inspiration, the government is going to introduce digital classes.

This new system of teaching has already launched in government schools in Guntur district. For the first time digital classes were started in Ravela ZP High School. Later, it was introduced in Ponnekallu and Mutluru ZP High Schools also. Both students and teachers voted the digital teaching as the best.

Digital teaching with animation and live pictures will be more interesting for the students. This will increase creativity among them and also it will change their thinking pattern.

This type of teaching needs one computer, LCD projector, large screen and power supply. At present, digital teaching is going on in 40 schools in Krishna and Guntur districts.

digital teaching

The government is supplying computer, screens and subject content CDs only. School teachers are purchasing the remaining items with the help of donors.

The government is mulling to sanction Rs 1.45 lakh to each high school through School Education ministry for the next academic year to purchase items needed for digital teaching system. The government sought proposals from the officials concerned in this regard.

Ravela ZP High School in Guntur has become model to others by launching digital classes totally with the help of donors. Karnataka school education ministry recently visited Ravela ZP High School and inspected the system. They said that they would consider their experiences here to implement digital teaching in their State.

As per the present system of teaching, teachers will explain the lessons in the text book. In this type of teaching, students will not have knowledge about rivers, projects, industries, urbanization, podu agriculture and other such things.

This is because there is no system to show the students visually about working of industries, projects. The main objective is to utilise audio-visual/ digital material to the maximum extent to make teaching more interesting and provide conceptual clarity to students.

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