Vijayawada, January 19

The Southern and Eastern Power Distribution Companies Limited (Discoms) of Andhra Pradesh projected a demand for additional revenue of Rs 859 crore for 2017-18 as part of their Aggregate Revenue Requirement (ARR) of Rs 30,069 crore filed with the A.P. Electricity Regulatory Commission on Wednesday. It could mean a 3.79 per cent hike in power tariff that the Discoms would charge the customers if cleared by the APERC after its public hearings to be held across the State.

The Discoms submitted to the APERC that 33 per cent of the consumers would be affected by the tariff hike i.e., 37.7 lakh under L-1 category.

The officials intended to fetch a nominal average power tariff increase of 3.7 per cent on the present charges.

power tariff

Discoms submitted a report stating that it will incur Rs 7,177 crores loss during 2017-18 and requested ERC to increase tariff to a tune of Rs 859 crores. According to their statistics, Rs 6.12 will be expended for each unit generation but revenue is pegged at Rs 4.53 per unit.

The financial deficit in the next year could be filled with the government subsidy of about Rs 6,937 crore and 33 per cent demand charges from consumers, the officials said. Discom proposed only 1 per cent hike in charges for consumers who use more than 100 units.

The officials made changes in the proposals to avoid effect of the growing trend of open market purchases by several industries on Discom transactions.

Transco CMD Vijayanand said that this will give a relief of about 80 paise to Rs 1.85 per unit to LT commercial, industrial, HT commercial and industrial consumers.

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