Vijayawada, January 7

In the wake of strong opinion that YSR Congress Party is giving importance to certain religions and castes only, its chief YS Jagan mohan Reddy is trying to remove this tag. He is putting all his efforts to convey the message to the public and politicians that the party gives importance to not only Reddy community but other communities also.

YSRCP enjoys strong support from Reddy community in Rayalaseema, Prakasam and Nellore districts and SC community of East and West Godavari districts and North Andhra districts.

But BCs and Kapu voters, who are the highest population in these regions, voted for Telugu Desam Party in 2014 elections. Now focusing 2019 elections, Jaganmohan Reddy is trying to woo leaders of other communities. Thus he extended full support to Kapu agitation led by Kapu community leader Mudragada Padmanabham.

Party leaders like Ambati Rambabu and others took active part in the agitation, along with Mudragada. It seems that the party is eyeing Kapu votes through its support to the agitation, even though leaders like Jyothula Nehru have left the party.


Jagan’s trials to garner the support of Kamma community, a strong support to TDP, in Krishna and Guntur districts have failed.

On the other hand, Jagan is trying to get out of the religious taboo and that his family follows the rituals of a particular religion.

Along with safeguarding minorities and Christians, who are always at his side, Jagan trying to erase his ‘anti-Hindu’ tag and expressing his belief on Hinduism. Of late, he is attending special homams, yagams and getting closer to Swamijis also.

He performed pujas seeking special status to Andhra Pradesh State at Haridwar, guided by Sri Sarada Peethadhipati Swarupananda Saraswati. He took holy bath in River Ganga.

He is visiting temples during districts tour. During his recent visit to Srisailam, he performed special pujas to Srisailam Mallanna Swamy and even applied ‘namam’ on his forehead.

Perhaps, Jagan is trying to convey that although he is Christian, he respects all other religions including Hinduism.

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