Vijayawada, January 2

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu has been in the hit list of Maoists since the encounter of 29 naxals by AP police on the borders of AP and Odisha.

In fact Maoists threat to Naidu is not new. He, during his tenure as CM of united Andhra Pradesh, has suppressed naxalites and their movements with iron hand. Several naxalites have voluntarily surrendered to police while many were killed in encounters.

Maoists attempted to kill Chandrababu by targeting his motorcade with claymore mines on Tirumala ghat road in 2003. Chandrababu had escaped since the vehicle was a mine proof one.


Meantime, Maoists have almost disappeared in Telugu states with all the senior leaders taking shelter in neighbouring states. In this situation, 29 naxals killed were in an encounter at Andhra-Odisha border and top Maoist leader Ramakrishna, popularly known as RK reportedly escaped with severe injuries enraging the Maoists. It would not be a surprise to many that they will be waiting for the right time to take revenge on AP CM.

As part of their efforts, it was known that Maoists conducted a recce on AP Bhavan in New Delhi as many as six times. Maoists are angry with the Centre also as the central forces are combing Dandakaranyam. Hence they reportedly selected Delhi to target both Naidu and Central government.

Also, it would not be easy to target Chandrababu in the State, who is always surrounded by black cat commandoes. But, naxals observed that it would be much easier in Delhi due to less security.

But vigilance wing sensed the danger and alerted both the Central and State governments and security to Babu was doubled up.

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