Vijayawada, December 1.

The AP government may face problems in implementing its decision of cashless transactions due to the non-availability of swiping machines (e-POS) in all shops.

As per the government order, every shop with minimum purchases of Rs. 10 must have a swiping machine. Commercial Tax department was endorsed to ensure all shops will possess these machines.

The staff including DCTO, ACTO rank officers are going to each and every shop within their limits and ordering the shop owners to get the swiping machines. They are giving training to them on the usage of these machines.

swiping machines

As many as five lakh e-POS machines are needed to implement the government order. With all the shop owners making a queue for the swiping machines, the officials are unable to supply them.

A commercial tax officer said that it would take minimum two months time to supply e-POS to 2.5 lakh traders.

Meanwhile, the banks gave offers to the traders who want to purchase the e-POS, also called as mini ATMs. Normally the cost of the machine is around Rs. 25,000.  Those, who cannot pay that much amount, can pay Rs. 220 per month with wire connection and Rs. 400 rental for cordless machines.

Banks also announced rental-free machines for more than one lakh transactions in three months.

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