Vijayawada, January 10

The Andhra Pradesh politics are heating up with MLC elections, which are nearing fast. Leaders are busy with alliances and contests and hatching plans to enter the fray. Discussions are going on about the MLC seat adjustments between the ruling TDP and BJP.

The lotus party is eying the North Andhra graduates’ seat among the five MLC seats. It requested the TDP to allot that seat to them.

mlc seat adjustments

But TDP, which had already handed over one Rajya Sabha ticket and MLCs to BJP, is not in favour of its request. According to sources the ruling party is gearing up to field its candidates in the fray.

In the case of BJP putting additional pressure, then TDP is considering giving Nellore and Ongole teacher MLC constituencies to the former. The MLC seat adjustments scenario would however get some clarity within two days, making everyone sit tight wondering the consequences of post MLC elections.

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