Vijayawada, January 5

The once stereo type looking police stations are now competing with corporate offices in Vijayawada. All the police stations within the Police Commissionerate limits were modernized.

Rs 2.5 lakh was allotted for each police station and the staff toiled for about one month and gave a new look for them.

police stations

Earlier the public have to search for a chair to sit down in police station. But now a spacious reception hall with a reception counter was set up in each police station. Chairs were set up for 10 people to sit. Also special staff was deputed to help elderly people and illiterates who seek help.

The public expressed happiness over the developments. It is a good omen that along with Vijayawada, police stations are also changing the look after the city became the capital of Andhra Pradesh State.

Social activists observed that the gap between police and public will decrease if every police station in the State will develop on these lines.

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