Vijayawada, February 4

The Smart Pulse Survey (Praja Sadhikara Survey) is going on at a snail’s pace in Krishna district. The survey was commenced in July last year and going on for the past six months.

The survey was launched to make the various government welfare schemes reach the public and to know total details of the people. As per these details, the government could implement its welfare schemes.

Problems are arising as the staff was not given proper training. The staff is reportedly making wrong entries due to lack of awareness. Most of the time was spent to correct the wrong details. Only 32 per cent details were collected and details of 3.28 lakh people are yet to be gathered.

The officials set a deadline to complete the survey in three months but it is continuing even after six months. Krishna district has a population of 45 lakh and details of 38.25 lakh people only were collected till date.

Smart Pulse Survey

Initially the staff faced technical problems. They were rectified but still the Smart Pulse Survey is going slow. In the beginning, it was told that confirmation by family elder is enough. But now the enumerators have to reenter the details as the officials made e-KYC from all family members mandatory.

The survey is slow in urban areas and villages also. The rural population in the Krishna district is 29.39 lakh. Details of about 3.28 lakh people are still to be surveyed.

98.01 per cent in Nandigama, 96.35 per cent in A.Konduru and 96.11 per cent survey in Tiruvuru mandals was completed. 24.72 per cent in Vijaywada rural, 24.55 per cent in Ibrahimpatnam and 22.72 per cent in Penamaluru is still to be enumerated.

18 types of mistakes through wrong entry of date of birth, profession, mother tongue, age were registered. During the registration of Aadhaar card, only the birth year was entered in many cases. But later the staff added birth date and month also.

The birth date of all people was entered as January 1 as the survey details were gathered based on old records. It is time consuming to correct all these wrong entries. Out of the 8.70 lakh entries, only 2.82 lakh were corrected. The remaining are yet to be corrected.

Enumerators have surveyed 49,017 people in Chandarlapadu mandal. Wrong entries were made of about 17,293 people and details of 543 people only were corrected.

The correction process of 5.79 per cent in Ibrahimpatnam, 5.85 per cent in Penamaluru, 7.75 per cent in Reddygudem and many more are lagging behind schedule.

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