East Godavari, May 26

The election of Telugu Desam Party district president in East Godavari district is shaking the foundations of Zilla Parishat.It was almost decided to dethrone ZP Chairman Namana Rambabu, when he was announced as the party district president.

But district party observer Kimidi Kala Venkata Rao and deputy chief minister Chinna Rajappa did not revealed this and hatched a plan to make Namana to accept the party president post.The senior leaders’ efforts to convince Namana for the past two days didn’t worked out.

Namana Rambabu refuses to take party district chief post
Namana Rambabu refuses to take party district chief post

Majority of the leaders are trying to sideline Namana from the ZP chairman post and to givethe post to Naveen, the son of Jaggampet MLA Jyothula Nehru, who recently joined TDP from YSRCP.It is their plan to give party district chief post to Namana, relinquishing him from ZP chairman post and to endorse the post to Naveen. But the party got a blow within 24 hours of making Rambabu as the party district president. According to information, Rambabu clearly denied the post, which is the first time in the district party history.

ZPTCs are ready to submit mass resignations the minute party seniors appoint Namana asthe party district chief at Mini Mahanadu. At this juncture, Namana Rambabu, along withfamily members and relatives meeting the party leaders in Kakinada on Monday attained prominence.ZPTCs have reportedly suggested Rambabu not to attend Mini Mahanu in Prattipadu on Tuesday and to resign to the post along with them, if the high command do not changes its decision.Rambabu was not willing to resign for the post even after meeting with Chinna Rajappa and Kala Venkat Rao in Kakinada.

ZPTCs were angry alleging that the party supreme was not considering their opinions but taking unilateral decisions based on MLAs and party seniorswords.ZPTCs already launched signature campaign. 22 ZPTCs are ready to oppose the party.There are 14 YSRCP ZPTCs in the 60-ZPTC members. Of the remaining 46, if 22 ZPTCsresign to their posts, then the consequences will affect the chairman post.

If this happens,their plan is to stall chairman election without quoram with 25 members. But the high command is confident of the MLAs and MLCs votes.The question is the elevation of Naveen, who won ZPTC on YSRCP ticket and had been Opposition leader also, to the chairman post is legally correct or not.Meanwhile, party analysts opined that there is a strong political reason behind majority of ZPTCs supporting Namana Rambabu and ready to oppose the party high command ifneeded.

Rumours are that Minister Yanamala Ramakrishnudu, who has been political enemy to Jyothula since the beginning, is running the drama from behind the screen.This group isleaving no stone unturned to ensure that Naveen will never get the chairman post and for this it is using Namana issue, a few observed.