Prakasam, May 26

Lakhs of public money is going astray due to the poor management of safe drinking water scheme in Prakasam district. Works worth lakhs of rupees are left incomplete, forcing the officials to supply water through tankers to villages.

Four months ago Rs 30 lakh funds were released to supply drinking water to Chennareddypalle, Gullapalle and Nagillamudi villages in Tarlupadu mandal. Instead of digging borewells and laying pipelines, the officials are supplying water by 10 trips, which costs Rs 15,000 per day Drinking water scheme at a cost of Rs 35 lakh was constructed four years ago in Nayudupalli village of Markapuram mandal.

90 per cent works were completed. Quoting lack of water, the scheme was left and supplying water through tankers to the village at a cost ofRs 12,000 per day.Water was being supplied to six villages in Yerragondapalem mandal, on the pretext of water shortage.

The State government is implementing drinking water schemes with thousands of crores of rupees to supply water on a permanent basis. As many as 57 drinking water schemes with an expenditure of Rs 230 crores were taken up in the district in the last 10 years. Of these,only 35 are working properly.There are allegations of irregularities in drinking water supply in the district that the officials  are supplying water tankers to the villages without the need, which have alternate way,which were supplied with Sagar water.

According to sources, more than Rs 40 lakh scam took place in the last few months in Yerragondapalem. Political leaders are reportedly became contractors and supplying 20tankers per day and amassing wealth.As per estimations, about 500 tankers are being supplied daily to areas, where there is no need and where the schemes became futile. A high level discussion took place during theZP meeting recently.

PDF MLCs lambasted the officials’ corruption and discussed about the corruption taking place in Markapuram, Yerragondapalem mandals. About 22 drinking water schemes worth Rs 30 crores were stalled at the final stage in the district due to no pipelines, no water supply in the bores, damaged pipelines and such petty issues.

The situation is worse in Yerragondapalem, Giddaluru, Markapuram, Bestavaripetand Kambham mandals. With an additional Rs two to three lakhs, the water schemes worth Rs 30 lakh in villages could have been come handy. But the officials are reportedly spending Rs 5 lakh per month to supply drinking water through tankers to the villages.