Missing the Power with a mere vote share in 2014, YSRCP Chief Jagan targets 2019 elections and started strengthening the roots of the party mainly in kosta Andhra. It’s an open secret that the caste politics plays a major role in General Assembly elections.

Jagan’s New Equations For 2019

   YSRCP seems to be strong in Rayalaseema Region while coming to Kosta it stands behind TDP that is the main reason behind the YSRCP’s failure in 2014 elections. Now Jagan started boosting up the fresh blood in the East Godavari District by giving party’s coordination responsibilities to a newbie Mutha Sasidhar in Kakinada.

   Mutha Sasidhar is the son of Mutha Gopalakrishna from Vysya community, one of the influential personalities in that region. In addition to this he promised Mutha Sasidhar the party’s MLA ticket in 2019.

   While Kakinada Rural responsibilities was given to another newbie K Kannababu from Kapu community, with MLA ticket in 2019. On the other hand adding some Cine colour to his party, Jagan is in touch with Nandamuri Hari Krishna, Who is disappointed with Babu’s behavior.

   Nandamuri Hari Krishna has been a key leader in TDP long ago, In recent times Babu distanced Hari Krishna from TDP as Babu Looks NTR may pose a threat to lokesh in the future. In this scenario while NTR struggling to get decent screens for his ‘Nannaku Prematho’ movie.

   Hari krishna called Jagan and he interfered to get the required theater setup in Rayalaseema. From then Hari krishna is in regular touch with Jagan. If Harikrishna’s conditions were met, he may join YSRCP soon.