Chandrababu Naidu is our Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Government. When he took incharge of this post, he declared that he will sanction Dalit Welfare Hostels scheme to SC and ST. Y.S.R Congress Party member, S.C Cell State Member Merugu Nargarjuna is fighting against that scheme. Merugu and Lella Appi Reddy  combined together and inspected Social Welfare Hostel in Guntur District. The hostel students, whatever they are facing the difficulties are taken to the higher authority.

Later, Merugu Nargarjuna and Lella Appi Reddy both shouted at Minister of Social Welfare department as they are not taking care of these things properly and bought notice to the media. Merugu Nargarjuna said Chandrababu Naidu Government has not bothering and not at all taking care and also not thinking about the  hostel students. Even food is not providing properly for the hostel students. AP Government Chandrababu Naidu said he give excellent food to the schools but it is not fact, the AP Government is taking old stock from the ration shop and the rice is containing full of worms. This rice is giving to the hostel students. Some of the old building are in falling stage, the TDP is not taken action on it. Merugu Nargarjuna said ” AP Government – Chief Minister – N.Chandrababu Naidu is not able to rule like Y.S.R”.

chandrababu naidu

Merugu complained several times about these hostel issues to  Minister of Social Welfare Deparment Ravel Kishore but he is not considerring about these issues. After Y.S.R. Party people inspected hostels, AP Government is started to do their job said by Merugu.

Ravel Kishore stayed one night in one of the hostel which is not inspected by YSR Party people  he declared that all the hostels in Guntur District is in good conditions and providing good facilities to everybody. He said simply everything is  ” Well and Good “. But it is not correct. Merugu asked AP Government to go back and look into the ruling of great leader Late Ex-Chief Minister Dr.Y.S.Rajasekhar Reddy and remember about the things done by him for S.C, S.T students. Merugu fired at AP Government saying that ” You people cannot rule like YSR but atleast follow his footsteps and try to do some good to SC, ST students “. He demanded to provide scholarships and foods facilities as soon as possible to the hostel students as per rules of  Indian Consititution. Atlast  he said, ” If  Chandrababu Government is not taking care of these issues properly, We YSR Party know how to fight to get good hostel facilities for  students and make things better “.