Vijayawada, December 19

The recent tweets of Jana Sena Party founder Pawan Kalyan were giving signals of Pawan distancing himself from the party. With doubts over his response towards the ruling Telugu Desam in Andhra Pradesh, interesting discussions were going on whether the JSP chief will contest the next general elections on his own or will make an party alliance with TDP.

Political analysts say the alliance politics in AP would take a new turn if the actor-turned-politician will choose alone fight.

party alliance

There are chances for the main election fight between three main fronts if JSP moves away from the ruling TDP also. On the other hand, if Pawan joins hands with Chandrababu Naidu, then there would be only two fronts in the poll field.

Meanwhile, the Left parties felt that they gained nothing with their alliances with TDP and then with Congress. They were waiting for a  new party alliance in the State and looking hopefully at Pawan Kalyan.

AP Congress, which faced a major blow with State bifurcation, is keen on political alliances and seemed focused on Jana Sena and YSR Congress Party.

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