Ongole, May 18:

The disapprobation in Telugu Desam Party in Prakasam district are simmering more than the May summer heat. Group politics are spreading under the leadership of party district president Damaracharla Janardhan Rao. He was criticized for not creating unity among the TDP leaders.

The group politics reached its peak after two MLAs complained to the party chief against Damaracharla.

Party cadre observed that the differences between the old and new leadership are the main reason for the present situation. The old leaders could not digest the new ones who joined the party through Operation Akarsh scheme.


Especially the cadre is suffering between the two rival groups of party district president Damaracharla Janardhan Rao and local MLA Balanjaneyulu in Kondepi constituency. The MLA is angry over Ongole MLA ruling in his constituency. The MLA’s group alleges that Damaracharla is supporting this and they even complained to Naidu, who took class to Damaracharla.

Also, Damaracharla was reportedly not in good terms with another strong leader Karanam Balaram. Karanam has a special group since ages which strictly follows his words.

The internal clashes between Damaracharla and Karanam are increasing as Damaracharla is unhappy that there is no value for this word even though he is the party district president.

Chandrababu Naidu is mulling how to get unity among the party leaders in Prakasam district. District party leaders felt that the party chief encouraged political defections to strengthen the party but the same migrations have now threw the party future in quandary.

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