Visakhapatnam, December 15

The demonetization of high denomination currency is still troubling the common people, while the case is reverse with temples. The temple hundis are getting filled with banned currency notes along with new Rs. 2,000 note. The famous Simhachalam temple in Visakhapatnam is no exception.

The temple hundi has collected four times after the notes were banned on November 8. They collected Rs. 42 lakh cash, 40 gms gold and two kilos silver items in the hundi on November 17.

simhachalam temple

Again the Simhachalam Temple hundi collections were counted on November 21 and there was Rs. 21,17,000 cash, 18 gms gold and 1.5 kilo silver items. After four days, Rs. 12, 25,000 cash was collected in the hundi, with 23 new Rs. 2,000 currency notes and 377 banned notes.

The temple authorities counted the hundi collections on December 6. There was Rs. 45 lakh cash, 21 gms gold and three kilo silver articles.

Temple Executive Officer Ramachandra Mohan said temple revenue has increased multifold after the note ban.

As part of implementing latest technology in the temple, e-hundi was set up to facilitate devotees to make their cash payments through online.

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