Srikakulam, January 25

The land oustees of Vamshadhara basin in Sikkolu district united and unitedly waged war till they get compensation.

They busted the government’s plan of ‘divide and rule’ and all the farmers took oath not to be afraid and not to believe rumours.

The unified out cry of farmers of Vamshadhara has made the officials and leaders to tremble with fear. Farmers alleged that Ministers Acham Naidu and Devineni Uma Maheswara Rao have further aggravated the problem.

A farmer alleging ‘leaders are trying to break our unity. Let us stay united and fight against this’ reflects the severity of the problem. The farmers observed that the problem could not become this serious if the government had paid compensation on the same day as per 2005 land acquisition act.

land oustees

They said the land rates have increased now but the compensation was the same. They demanded compensation as per 2013 land acquisition act.

The farmers lamented that it was their fault to vote for TDP government. ‘It is not good to show apathy towards farmers who toils to supply food to all,’ they felt.

Further, the land oustees strongly believed that they could get justice if Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan responds to their problem and requested Pawan to look into their issue.

They questioned the government for ordering police lathi charge on farmers.