Srikakulam, February 10

The people of Srikakulam are terrified about tuskers moving around and even attacking, which has became frequent in recent times. Elephant attacks on agency areas is going on for more than 10 years but now they are destroying crops in other areas also. The elephants even started attacking people.

The pachyderms have been destroying crops in Sitampet, Veeraghattam, Kotturu, Heeramandalam and Bhamini mandals in Palakonda division since seven years. This year the attacks have increased.

The tuskers raided a rice mill in Bammidi and destroyed more than 100 rice bags. They damaged banana and cashew nut crops in Nivagam village. Vehicular traffic was stalled as a herd of elephants are sitting on Kaligam-Anguru highway in broad daylight.


Groups of wild elephants are entering plateaus having cone down from the hills. Since one week they are creating ruckus in Bammidi, Kaligam, Venkatapuram, Gegipadu and Pathapadu for the past one week. The locals are terrified about the tuskers attacks.

In order to stop elephants’ menace, the government earlier launched Operation Ganesh, dug big trenches but of no use. The locals requested the forest officials to take measures at least now and divert the elephants to other places.

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