Visakhapatnam, December 12

From food items to currency, adulteration has become common. Now fake birth certificates is shaking Visakhapatnam city.

Birth certificate is compulsory for passport. Birth certificate was not compulsory before 1989. But due to threat of terrorists attacks, the Centre made it mandatory to enter date of birth and birth place details in the passport application.

Several people, who were born after 1989, have not registered their birth details in their own villages/towns. Now the panchayat officials are denying issuing birth certificates. It will take some time to get these certificates.

fake birth certificates

But most of the people are relying on brokers without much time. The officials and brokers are  allegedly taking bribes and giving fake birth certificates.

Regional passport officials in Vizag complained to the task force as they got suspiciously more birth certificates issued by Dharmavaram panchayat secretary in Vizianagaram district. The task force took Dharmavaram panchayat secretary, data entry operator, a few agents and candidates into custody. Several certificates with wrong details of birth date and birth place were found. It was reported that Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 5,000 was collected for each certificate.

The officials warned the candidates not to provide fake birth certificates which will in turn create troubles for them.

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