Visakhapatnam, January 20

Officials have failed to control the irregularities in weights and measurements in Visakhapatnam, which is amounting to crores of rupees in losses to consumers. Some people do not have the knowledge to identify these frauds while others, even after being fully aware of the wrong deeds, are remaining as silent spectators.

The officials monthly inspections could not solve the problem from the grassroot levels.

In almost all the 43 mandals in Vizag district, irregularities are rampant in weights in measurements and in packages, which are marring the aims of the government. Insufficient staff is also one of the reasons for failing to prevent these corrupt practices.

The large number of cases registered in this financial year is alarming. From small traders to mega shopping complexes are resorting to cheating. There are several flaws like no dates on packing, no printing of MRP, no details of consumer service phone number and others.


Vijayawada Enforcement officials during an inspection identified that the two paying scales in Vizag airport are showing extra weight of 700 gms and 900 gms. Normally airport officials charge payment from the passengers based on their luggage weight.

DAP and Urea fertilizers supplied from Visakha port and other nearby areas are packed in 50 kg bags. The officials found out that each bag is half kg lesser than the total weight at four weighing units.

There are several complaints about irregularities in weights and measurements at several places in the district. Due to staff crunch, the district administration is also unable to put a check to these corrupt practices.