Lucknow, February 15

Uttar Pradesh elections became interesting with Samajwadi Party and Congress alliance, BJP led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BSP ready to shake hands with both the parties. All parties are hatching plans to get into power this time. BSP chief Mayawati is trying to ward off the stamp of ‘dalit party’ on it by wooing non-dalits also. She is implementing social engineering strategy in the name of bahujans, Muslims and dalits.

BSP is contesting in 403 seats, of which 99 Muslim, 87 dalits and 113 upper castes candidates got tickets. Of the 113 upper caste candidates, 66 belong to Brahmin community while 11 are thakurs.


According to political analysts, Mayawati targeted Muslim voters by allotting more tickets for them. Muslim voters are the deciding factor in about 130 constituencies in Uttar Pradesh. Mayawati was confident of coming to power if only she can get Muslim and brahmins’ votes.

After remaining in Opposition seat and almost on the verge of losing its identity, it seems that Mayawati has realized her earlier mistakes. She is showering promises on the voters like giving importance to welfare schemes, no spending of huge amounts for erecting statues in parks and the like.

She also promised to end mafia and gunda raj in the State but including Quami Ekta Dal chief and mafia don Abbas Ansari into the party has become a negative point for her.

Experts observed that UP elections commencing from West UP and Dalit and Muslims votes turning the key factor may become plus points to Mayawati.

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