Eluru, February 10

Every food item, from salt, dal, rice, oil to ghee, is spurious in West Godavari district. Of these spurious ghee is rampant in open market.

Cheese production fell due to zero-profits to dairy industry. This has lead to an increase in demand for ghee. Using the opportunity, unscrupulous people have been preparing spurious ghee by mixing colour to the liquid form of vanaspati and fat.

Vigilance enforcement officials earlier conducted raids on ghee making centres in the district. They collected samples from Tanuku, Nidadavolu and Tadepalligudem areas and sent them to lab for testing.


Customers are unable to identify fake cooking oils. Traders are importing adulterated oil in tankers and selling them in the market.

In some areas, liquefied animal fat is being mixed with normal oil. People who consume this type of oil are prone to cancer, indigestion and other health problems.

The adulterers are not leaving even fruits. Normally it will take four to eight days for banana, apple, oranges and other fruits to ripen. The traders are spraying carbide and other chemicals on fruits to make them ripe in a day.

Doctors suggest eating jaggery for health purposes. But traders are using hydrose, DPA, ammonium phosphate and colour to prepare jaggery.

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