Eluru, February 6

Both the State and Central governments have focused to increase girl students in government schools in West Godavari district. In this regard, they  took up various programmes in the next two  years. Cycles distribution to girl students coming from far off places, karate training for self-defense and other such programmes are being implemented.

Recently the officials identified that girl students are still facing problems due to lack of toilets in government schools.

The government gave the toilet maintenance responsibility to Dwakra group members. The parents of girl students lashed out at the officials due to poor maintenance of toilets in spite of having fixed responsibility.

The government’s target to increase girl students number and to maintain toilets in a better way is not getting implemented at ground level.

Girl Students

There are 3,257 government schools in the district. Velugu department grama samaikhya staff was appointed for cleaning and maintaining toilets in 1,860 schools. Toilets were constructed in 1,770 primary and upper primary schools and 90 ZP high schools. But their maintenance has left a lot to be desired.

In fact these staff are required to clean the toilets three times a day on working days  –morning, afternoon and evening after school closes.

The government pays Rs 1,500 to primary school, Rs 2,000 to upper primary and Rs 3,000 to ZP high schools for maintenance of toilets and Rs 500 for purchasing phenyl, bleaching powder and brooms. Sarva Siksha Abhiyan disburses the salaries of the cleaning staff to district headquarters, which is later deposited in mandal and village accounts.

Despite the funds, sanitation in toilets became worse due to officials’ negligence. Students themselves are cleaning the toilets in some government schools. Students lamented that they have to go for open defecation because of lack of water supply.

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