Eluru, January 25

Demanding strict punishment to Sajja Bujji and his wife in the death case of Sri Gautami, SFI and AIDWA leaders organized rasta roko at Ambedkar Centre in Narasapuram.

Along with them, several people’s organizations questioned how the already married Bujji could again marry Gautami. Even if married, instead of solving the post-marriage issues, how they could kill the girl? They questioned.

Sri Gautami of Narasapuram town died on the spot while her sister Pawani was injured in the ‘accident’ where a car hit their two-wheeler. Pawani alleged that four or five members chased their vehicle in a car and wantonly hit their vehicle to kill them.

sri gouthami

Pawani said that Bujji married her sister and alleged that Bujji’s first wife Sireesha had murdered Gautami. Her allegations gained strength as the photos of Bujji and Gautami’s marriage pictures came to light.

Police took K Prasad, a car driver from Visakhapatnam into custody and registered a case on car owner. But Pawani alleged that Bujji’s wife Sireesha and car driver Rambabu killed her sister. Meanwhile, the family members of Bujji went underground.

The police department’s alleged callousness in dealing with Sri Gautami case and also other cases in recent times was being criticized.

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