Eluru, January 13. Inspire of arguments, court cases, bans and so on cock fights are a reality. Some say its tradition while others consider it inhuman. Whatever the feelings, stage set for cock fights and this time, Godavari district people added technology to these traditional fights.

Tradition with digital betting at godavari dist's

They are organizing betting through online.

With more and more VIPs making a queue to Godavari districts, crores of rupees are being placed in betting. This forced a few to think about setting up online betting and digital betting.

Even though no one agrees but cock fights are like gambling where some earned crores while others lost everything. Tradition lovers say the fight is just only a game being held during Sankranti festive season and they argue there will be no festive spirit without cock fights.

On the other hand, there is criticism also that these fights are igniting rivalry. This is also a vice which is dragging several families onto the road, opined those oppose these fights.