Megastar Chiranjeevi selects a movie, which will be a message oriented movie based on the current situation or his movtivation is to provide a high quality of movies to the viewers and Power Star Pawan Kalyan is an excellent person and also do real activities of the good and even he gives a high quality of the picture.

Mega Family is itself a multi-star family. A news about Mega Brother will be very happy to listen and it will be very exciting and Powerful news for the Mega fans. The news created by the radio, television or by the public a report that  director Trivikram is planning to make a family entertainment movie on the Mega Brothers. The news is very thrilling to listen that both Mega Brothers are going to work in one movie like before Megastar Chiranjeevi worked with Nagababu.

Now, the special news is about Megastar Chiranjeevi and Power Star Pawan Kalyan. The both stars give high quality of movie. The director is planning to do old classic movie ” Gundamma Katha “. Both Megastar and Power Star are brothers are going to act as brothers  in the movie.


The old movie ” Gundamma Katha ” was done and released in  1962’s. In this movie multi-stars played brothers role and also a major role. The multi stars are NTR, ANR and SVR. NTR and ANR are brothers in the movie and  SVR played a father role of the two brothers.

Director Trivikram has a plan of doing the ” Gundamma Katha ” movie with the Mega Brothers. For this movie, the producers are T Subbarami Reddy and Aswini Dutt.Mega fans and all the fans of cine industry is eargerly waiting and hoping more about this movie. Everyone wants this movie should be released as soon as possible.