There will be very great to know about a few things about the real life of popular celebrities relationships with one another. The popular celebrities like cricketers, Bollywood actors etc., To know about a popular person who is living in the country will be very quiet interesting. The interesting matters like the personal relationships with their family or about some ” LOVE ” etc everything will be interesting. Any thing related to popular celebrities like cricketers and actors etc all these issues will come into the news. For us, it will be very excitement to hear our favourite actor’s personal things. But for them it will be very saddening and it will be very hard and difficult to face.

Now a days, everyone is giving more importance to sports in all fields including Bollywood actor and actress. Most of the people are spending time to watch sports. Sports means may be Cricketer, Badminton, Chess, Tennis etc. For example, now the latest popular celebrity is Team India’s Skipper ” Virat Kohli ” and Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma both went together to attend the marriage function of Yuvraj Singh and Hazel Keech. It is a very great news to see more pairs in the wedding hall.

Before, Zaheer and Isha is also a pair and Zaheer choosed Isha for date. But later due to some certain things they are separated. Now, Zaheer is dating with Sagarika. Sagarika Ghatge – she is a Chak De India’s lead actress. Both of them are moving together for several places and also identified for several times. Now in Yuvraj Singh’s marriage, Zaheer Khan came along with Sagarika. Now, it is also a new pair attended the marriage.

Sagarika Ghatge

The media asked Sagarika Ghatge to say few words about the relationship with Zaheer Khan. She said ” Right now, I am in a very happy mood to attend this marriage and I never spoke anything to anyone about my personal life and I don’t want to discuss about his personal things with media”.

The actress Sagarika Ghatge also said that

” I will be like this : Low profile for ever. It means I won’t say anything about myself. Why I should say to whom I am linked? I am not such type of a lady to share with you, so that you can make comedy on me. I am not afraid of anything because I am in my limits and I know when I should come and speak to you. I have great respect on Zaheer. If you ask infront of Zaheer, even he will say the same thing that he will watch my movie ” Irada ” when it releases.

Even though, at last she shared a hot news about her personal life limits and it is very good to hear from her and willing to accept her opinion.