Wifi is one of the latest technologies now-a-days it is playing a vital role. Wifi is a technology that allows electronic device to connect to a wireless local area network  (WLAN). Many devices are connected with wi-fi technology namely personal computers, video-game consoles, smart phones, digital cameras, tablet computers and digital audio players. Wi-fi has various advantages and disadvantages like every coin has head and tail. Mean while it has various disadvantages like we cannot send files for longer distances without internet facility. The average limit for wifi without using internet is only within 50meters of distance in and around.

Advantages are by using wifi technology we can send Microsoft office files and documents in PDF within a matter of seconds. Even we can send various apps and games from one smart phone to another by using wi-fi technology. By using wifi technology we can connect internet to even minimum five computers, mobiles even for tablets. And even we can connect a wireless mouse, keyboards and printers by using this technology. Wifi dongles are easily available to everyone in market. Wifi does not charge anything to the users with zero cost.

WIFI Technology

Wifi Technology

Wifi is one of the advanced latest technology day by day the purpose of using wifi is increasing a lot. The latest invention to wifi users is that in many ncoutries in many shopping malls infants are missing a lot so one is able to identify them. If we insert a wifi dongle in infants dress or jewellery easily we can identify them by using smartphones. And even this wifi is involved in identifying the running car, bikes, buses and even trains in which area they were. And even we can play audio devices without using any input devices like pendrives and  USB connections.  In future we may get any wifi operating signals in order to avoid more traffic problems and even avoids more cause of pollution.