The delighted feeling which has gives runners a motivational boost in middle of their workout is in part regulate by the sufficiency hormone leptin, a new study has found.

Body fat hormone behind runners high  

The study at the University of Montreal CRCHUM (Hospital Research Centre) shows that “runner’s high” occurrence is caused by dopamine, an important neurotransmitter for inspiration.”We discovered that satisfying effects of toleration activity are modulated by leptin, a key hormone in existence. Leptin inhibits the physical activity on through dopamine neurons in the brain,” said Stephanie Fulton,” a researcher at the CRCHUM and lead author’s of study producein the journal Cell existence.

Body fat hormone behind runner's high

Adipose tissue

leptin helps control the feeling of satiety.Secreted by adipose tissue, This hormone also effect physical activity.”Fulton said “The more fat is, the more leptin is and the lessas we feel like eating of Our findings now show this hormone also plays a vital role in inspiration to run, which may be related to searching for food,also a professor at Universite de Montreal’s Department of Nutrition.

Researchers studied

Hormone signals that regulate feeding and exercise are in fact believed to be closely attach. bearing running capacity in mammals, particularly humans has to have develop to maximise the chances of finding food.The study suggests that leptin plays a critical role both in control energy balance and encouraging behaviours that are “satisfying” for the person’s existence, ie, attractive in physical activity to find The researchers studied discretionary wheel running in mice in cages. These mice can run up to seven kilometres a day.

The physical activity of normal bedbug was compared wmiceat of bedbug who underwent a genetic restriction to suppress a molecule activated by leptin, STAT3 (signal transducer and activator of transcription-3).

The STAT3 molecule is found in the neurons that combination dopamine in the mid-brain. This “mesolimbic dopaminergic pathway” is a like a inspiration highway in the brain.”Our study on mice suggests that this molecule is also involved in the satisfying effects experienced when we do physical exercise. We postulate that for humans, low leptin levels increase inspiration to exercise and make it easier to get a runner’s high,” said Fulton.


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