There are some cases in that the members who are working inside or the passengers get difficulty in health issues or fire occurs inside the aeroplane or incase of any other emergency  then the pilot land the aeroplane.  Here, the pilot is landed the aeroplane for emergency purpose but not for the above said things.

A GoAir Flight having 190 people inside the aeroplane and this aeroplane started in Bangalore. Unfortunately the Bangalore-bound GoAir Flight was taken off and emergency landed in New Delhi. Two teen age boys saw that there is fire and smoke coming from the tail of the aircraft. They got afraid  and informed to the crew members. The crew members means who are working inside the aeroplane found that there is some techincal issues inside the aircraft. So, the pilot landed the flight immediately in New Delhi.


Really, the two boys saved the entire onboard passengers and nearly 194 people’s are inside the GoAir Flight. The two boys belongs to Goyla Dairy Village informed the situation to Delhi Police Control room that they saw the fire  and smoke coming inside the aeroplane.

Rohit Singh is a boy. He is 17 years old. He is studying 12th class. He was sitting along with his cousin and noticed that the smoke is coming from the tale of the aeroplane and he informed to his father. Rohit’s father is Naveet Singh. Navneet Singh felt that his son is joking but later after discussing with his son and by seeing his anxiety. His father informed to Delhi Police. The Delhi Police immediately made a call to the  the captain of the flight  and informed about the technical issue. The captain understood the situation of emergency to landed the flight immediately in Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi.


Rohit said he was very much afraid and unable to digest the situation and immediately he got a thought of informing to his father. So, he informed about the smoke in the aeroplane to his father. His father is Navneet Singh. Navneet Singh said that ” First of all he felt Rohit is saying some stories but later by seeing his continous anxiety about the people and the aeroplane. He realised that it is true and immediately as soon as possible they contacted the Delhi Police “.

The Delhi Police said that ” All important careful actions are taken place in advance like bringing the fire engine, ambulance and doctors etc before the landing of the aeroplane ”

It is an emergency landing but all the passengers are safe and all the facilities are arranged one by one like safely moving the passengers to the appropriate flight. The airline gave a statement that ” G8-557 Delhi – Bengaluru Flight landed for emergency purpose in Indira Gandhi International Airport at 1953 hours ( 7:53 pm )