Chennai, February 7

The Chennai Apollo Hospital finally responded in a bid to dispel rumours surrounding former Tamil Nadu chief minister, late Jayalalithaa’s health and treatment thereof until her death while in the hospital.

Dr. Richard Beale, the U.K.-based intensivist, who was treating the late Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, quell rumours on Jaya’s death that Jayalalithaa spoke with others by showing signs and tried to understand others’ words, even one week before cardiac arrest.

Dr. Beale categorically rejected the claims of amputation. There was no amputation and no transplantation either,” he said.

Jayalalithaa was admitted in Apollo Hospital on September 22 last year, for fever and dehydration. She was unable to speak for many days. She developed respiratory problems due to infection and suffered severe diabetics.


Doctors said her organs failed due to sepsis. She was put on ventilator due to high levels of infection. She died of cardiac arrest on December 5. Doctors said that they could not save her even after a 24-hour ECMO treatment.

The doctors said that outsiders were not allowed because of Jayalalithaa’s serious health condition. There was no conspiracy behind her death, they clarified. “It is not possible to record the treatment through CCTV camera. There are no political pressures on them in treating the late CM’

Jayalalithaa’s conversation with her close aides are her personal matter,  hence we did not hear such matters, they added. The doctors said they informed Sasikala and government chief secretary about daily details of Jayalalithaa’s treatment.