Chennai, February 16

With several cases haunting her and other cases against her family members and relatives for about two decades, V K Sasikala rather predicted her future much earlier.

Her imprisonment became inevitable since she was the second defendant in Tamil Nadu former chief minister late Jayalalithaa’s disproportional assets (DA) case. After Jayalalithaa’s death, Sasikala got alert after realizing that the DA case will target her.

Anticipating her future, she consulted legal experts on filing a review petition after the court verdict and the issues on which the review petition should be filed.

She was even ready with plan B if the court refutes her review petition and implemented it.


She imagined herself on the same lines of late Jayalalithaa. She wanted to get elected unanimously as the party chief and then to sit on the CM seat. Then she can go to jail as a chief minister after the Supreme Court’s verdict.

But Panneerselvam’s revolt has shattered all her dreams and people blamed her. Even after court verdict, Sasikala dreamt of royal treatment in prison, to rule the party from the cell and to run the government as per her wises.

She put in every effort to realize her dream but of no use. Finally she made allegations against Governor and Panneerselvam.

At the end, with nothing else left to do, without any choice, she went to jail. The final twist to her tale was that Sasikala, who lost everything, even lost public support and sympathy.

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