Chennai, January 3

After taking the reins of All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (AIADMK) as the general secretary, Sasikala Natarajan next target is to sit on the Chief Minister’s post. Signals are coming that she will become the CM soon.

Followers of a few ministers of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Panneer Selvam cabinet are open about this. It should be noted that Ministers RP Uday Kumar, Kadamburu Raju and Sevuru Raju told the Chief Minister, through the media, to step down from the post to give way to Sasikala. These are the same ministers who requested to elect Sasikala, fondly called as Chinnamma, as the party general secretary after the demise of Jayalalithaa.

Party activists are taking all precautions to avoid any obstacles in the way of Sasikala to become the CM. Sasikala is also trying to woo fans by adopting Jayalalithaa’s style of dressing, mannerisms. She is using the same cars and sitting in the same office, which was once used by Jaya.

sasikala natarajan

But Chinnamma knows pretty well that mere imitation of Jayalalithaa is not enough. Hence she reportedly planned to put a mark on the public with her own style of politics. The foremost work before her is to make Panneer Selvam step down from the CM post and then elevate herself to get the power.

She never had any post when Jayalalithaa was leading the party but Tamil Nadu State people can never forget how Sasikala used to control the party.

Sasikala Natarajan is planning to start a state-wide tour, during which she would meet party members and the public, who were upset over the death of Jayalalithaa and would ‘console them’ and also to garner support from party functionaries and cadres across Tamil Nadu.

About 600 people died after Jayalalithaa’s death. Sasikala will give compensation cheques to the family members.

With rumours spreading that Panneer Selvam will resign from the Chief Minister’s post in a day or two, Tamil Nadu is anxiously waiting for new politics to dawn.

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