Chennai, February 11

Though Sasikala Natarajan and Tamil Nadu caretaker Chief Minister Panneerselvam are in the race for the CM post, it became evident that DMK and BJP are the masterminds from behind the screen. Governor Vidyasagar Rao’s decision or the lack of it is increasing the suspense.

A petition was filed in Madras High Court stating that the MLAs were kept prisoners. The Court directed the DGP and Tamil Nadu government to give a report whether the MLAs were kept prisoners in resorts or not.

The Governor also reviewed the issue with chief secretary and DGP and also about law and order situation in the State.

Word is in the air that 15 of Sasikala’s MLAs were in touch with DMK leaders which only increased tension among Sasikala group.


On the other hand, the BJP leaders are trying to cash in on the political crisis in Tamil Nadu. It was known that they offered CM post to Rajinikanth and RSS leader Gurumurthy spoke with Rajinikanth over phone in this regard.

But it was reported that Rajinikanth is mulling over starting his own party.

Congress leaders also entered the scene and its national general secretary Rahul Gandhi held discussions with former central ministers Chidambaram and Tamil Nadu Congress leaders. They reportedly decided to back Panneerselvam.

More suspense are awaiting on Friday. The Madras High Court rejected immediate hearing over a petition seeking stalling of Sasikala’s oath taking ceremony, which has given a brief respite to Sasikala.

Presidium chairman Madhusudhan demanded that Sasikala’s election as party general secretary be placed as void. He directly complained to Election Commission in this regard, quoting that there is no chance of electing caretaker general secretary as per party by-laws.

Sasikala immediately responded and expelled Madhusudhan from the party.

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