New Delhi, May 13

The main employment source, IT industry is facing a rough weather. New recruitments have decreased and employees are facing threat to their job.

Seven main IT companies in the country have prepared pink slips to show door to about 56,000 employees. A few employees already received these slips.

The government is holding discussions with Cognizant and other major IT companies. Indian IT employees working abroad are returning to their home country. There are reports four will lose their jobs here if one employee was appointed there.

Normally IT companies will give coding and small projects to the employees for a few years. Here there is no scope for the IT employees to develop their skills. Later, they will become group leaders and managers.


The job threat is mainly to the medium level managers. Decrease in IT boom, lessening of new projects and automation in IT industry are forcing the IT companies to cut short its employees.

Yearly lakhs of engineers are searching for IT jobs. But there are not enough jobs. Not all skilled candidates are getting jobs. There is no link between their education, skills and market needs.

Top level IT companies are conducting training programmes to its employees. TCS is giving training to one lakh employees on digital technology while Wipro also planning to give training to 30,000 employees.

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