New Delhi, January 27

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) will probe the sabotage angle in the recent train accidents in Uttar Pradesh’s Kanpur and Andhra Pradesh’s Vizianagaram area.

NIA is suspecting that the ISIS seems to have chosen a new method to strike India and already sent messages to its sleeper cells.

The similiarities in Kanpur and Vizianagaram train accidents are giving rise to doubts that the rail tracks were wantonly cut by some people. Besides the conversation that took place six months ago between ISIS sympathizers was also giving strength to these doubts.

More information came to light after decoding the technology used by terrorists. NIA enquiry revealed that the accused Yasir Nayamatullah and Habib Mohammad have passed on key information to ISIS official representative Abu Mohammad Adani.

Train Accidents

During enquiry, ISIS sympathizers said that they got suggestions from ISIS to target police. Also they said that they have planned to attack not only with bombs but whatever they are having in hand.

According to sources, ISIS head sent messages to attack army personnel, intelligence police and also foreigners. They were told to kill people by hitting their head with boulders, stabbing, hitting with vehicles, throwing persons from atop, setting houses and vehicles on fire, destroying agricultural and business establishments and commit other atrocities on such targets.

Now the NIA officials are suspecting ISIS terrorists’ hand behind the murders, charred vehicles and other such incidents in Hyderabad, for which the police could not get proofs.

The loss will be disastrous if strangers and terrorist groups attack and kill people without any rivalry or clear motivation. Police are requesting the public to inform them immediately if they find any suspicious persons or goods.

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