New Delhi, January 18

The Central government focused on distribution of properties of government organizations as per the ninth schedule of State Bifurcation Act. Officials of both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh have met their counterparts of Central Home Ministry and discussed RTC, agro, dairy, AP Food and other issues.

Telangana government is demanding that they should own all the properties in their State, which is opposed by AP government.

Telangana government officials said that AP is claiming Nizam’s properties also belong to them. ‘AP government is seeking share in Fertilizer Company at Moulali, but this was started during Nizam’s rule.’

ninth schedule

The TS officials stated that as per section 53 of the Act, properties of head offices only should be divided in 58:42 ratio. They charged that AP government was arguing against the Act.

On the other hand, AP Dairy officials also claimed that guest house, cold storage, headquarters spread over 44 acres in Somajiguda of AP dairy belong to them. They argued that TS government has no rights on these properties.

The discussions about ninth schedule held on Tuesday failed to come to an amicable conclusion. The Central Home Ministry officials directed the officials of both Telugu states to provide full details of all districts in the next meeting.

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