Punjab, January 27

The war rooms, which are set up for the first time in Punjab, are igniting election heat. The concept of election war room is new in Punjab. The war rooms are usually always busy with strategising, building counters and mounting attacks.

All parties in Punjab took to internet and wifi to lure the netizens who are in large numbers in the State.

In good olden days, elections meant house-to-house campaignings, wallposters, pamphlets, badges, party flags, rallies, slogans and the like. But with the advent of technology all that was changed.

There are 1,97,49,464 voters in Punjab, out of which 50 lakh are internet users. The youngsters in the age group of 18 to 35 years will decide who will be the next Sardar of Punjab. Hence to lure these voters, all parties are using smart phones.

Also, most of the political parties have set-up election war rooms to strike a chord with the voters. The war rooms are not only being used as a voter outreach tool but also to manage various campaigns, social media, conventional media including print, broadcast and television, data mining and on ground activities such as organising rallies, airing the events on social media and surveys.


The Congress was the first party to launch its war room with a force of 450 people in Mohali. Within days its digital and offline campaign pointing its CM candidate Captain Amarinder Singh as ‘Punjab Da Captain’ was a big hit.

People call former CM Amarinder Singh as Maharaja. But now the war room campaign made him Punjab Da Captain. Other initiatives like Halke Vich Captain (Captain in the constituency) or Coffee with Captain also became instant hits.

War rooms played a crucial role in establishing a connect between voters and CM candidate. The Congress election war room continoulsy monitors the social media including Facebook pages, Twitter handles and Whatsapp. Other sections handle a data centre, conventional media centre and an outdoor unit.

“The war room has become an effective tool to manage and monitor the campaigns. It offers a 360 degree coverage and media management.

Akali Dal has employed nearly 80 people to manage its war room comprising various sections including video editing section, Facebook, Twitter and print media.

Aam Aadmi Party national convener and Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal is in contact with party cadre and others regularly. It should be noted that Akali parties, AAP, Congress even contact Punjabis living abroad through war rooms.

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