Washington: The Trump administration, to take oath on January 20, is considering taking specific measures to tighten the rules to prevent misuse of H-1B, L1 Visa by foreign employees.

Senator Jeff Sessions, Trump’s nominee for the post of attorney general, has assured lawmakers about taking steps to push legislative measures to curb the misuse of H-1B and L1 visas.

These measures may hit the Indian IT companies the worst.


“It’s simply wrong to think that we’re in a totally open world and that any American with a job can be replaced if somebody in the world is willing to take a job for less pay,” Sessions told members of the Senate Judiciary Committee during his confirmation hearing.

“We have borders. We have a commitment to our citizens and you have been a champion of that. I’ve been honoured to work with you on it,” Sessions responded to a question from Senator Charles Grassley, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Since day one of his contest for American president post, Trump made anti-immigration system as the key point in the election campaign. Sessions and Grassley in the past had co-sponsored a bill that would reform H-1B Visa programmes.

If the American Senate confirms his appointment, Sessions would be responsible for issues regarding appointing immigrants apart from other things. He also has to ensure that immigrants working in US would not be subjected to discrimination, along with ensuring that the locals would not be deprived of employment opportunities.

Grassley questioned Sessions whether he can prevent Americans from becoming prey to layoff due to immigrants who came to America on H-1B visa. Sessions in his reply agreed that he believes in Visa misuse and extended his support to Grassley resolution.

As per the American rules, the company should not employ immigrants more than half of the strength of its total staff.