” KAMBALA ” is the traditional festival in Karnataka. Before, this festival is called as Karaga celebrations. The Kambala festival is of two types. They are Pookere Kambala and Bale Kambala. Pookere Kambala is stopped 900 years ago and the  Bale Kambala is later became Kambala.

In this Kambala festival, they do buffalo race that occurs mainly in the coastal regions of Karnataka in between the month of November and  March of every year. Kambala festival is held in some of the places like Baradi Beedu, Bolantur, Kolatta, Kamalakettu, Majalu and Uppinagadi etc.


Recently, this festival is banned by the Government. Similarly even in Tamil Nadu, there also conducting buffalo race called ” Jallikattu ‘. It is also a traditional festival. Even in Tamil Nadu, the Jallikattu is banned by the Government.  Tamil Nadu Government got permission from the union government to continue their festival ‘Jallikattu “.

So, In the same way, in Karnataka, the Kambala committies were filed an application against the ban of the Kambala festival.  Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah and his government and also BJP State President BS Yeddyarappa also wants this festival and he is also supporting to conduct the festival. They requested the union government to stand and support them. Now, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah said to the reporters that ” he  requested the Central Government to give permission for to continue the Kambala festival in Karnataka “.

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