Tamilnadu once again boiled. This time the credit goes to Superstar Rajinikanth. As the suspense surrounds on his political aragentram still continues like tamil potboiler tv serial, some of the tamil groups took agitation path.

‘Rajinikanth is not at all a tamilian.. He is pakka kannadiagaa’, the placards carried by agitators reads like this. In Chennai they agitated in front of Rajini’s house. In Coaimbattore protestors burnt Superstar’s effigy amid slogans.

As a matinee idol Rajinikanth is a household name in Tamilnadu. Though he wore salt and pepper look, new age heroes came into limelight, the ageold charisma of Taliava still maintains its own image.

Since the days of ‘Arunachalam’, ‘Padaiappa'(‘Narasimha’ in telugu), the news about his political entry always took place at headlines. However, In recent times he tries to give clarity on his political entry.
Rajini proposes Tamil groups protests
His meeting with fans for three days broke the silence. Rajini utilises those three day to show his political brilliance. He look like predicting the protests.

”Though my birthplace is not tamilnadu, the decades old bond with tamilnadu makes me tamilian”.. by saying this phrase emotionally in front his fans, Rajinikanth tries to woe tamilians who are popularly known as emotionally charged dravidians.

Now his nativity becomes a boiling point in the State. Diehard Tamil Groups, who are carrying his nativity issue on their shoulders agitating against the Superstar.

Police arrested the protesters who tried to barge into Rajini’s house. Other Cities, towns in State also become eyewitness to the agitations.