Rohtash Choudhary is an Indian. He is a resident of Bhilai in Chattisgarh. He did 1000 pushups within 20 minutes. He created a new record and won a Guinness World Record for doing more Pushups in a very less time. This man is having some extra ordinary  and super strength for doing this Pushups.

Guinness World Record
Before, a Canadaian citizen, also made a record of doing Pushups in 2012. He did the same 1000 Pushups but not in 20 minutes but he took time with in 28 minutes. The actual time a Canadian took to complete this Pushups is 27 minutes and 44 seconds. Now, Rohtash Choudhary did same Pushups but changed the record time. He took time very few minutes and completed within 19 minutes and 20 seconds.


Rohtash Choudhary was felt very happy to break the Guinness World Record. He said that in 2007 he tried to do more Pushups but he got severe back pain and he took rest for six months. Later, he went for Yoga and started doing Yoga regularly and once again he started practising for Pushups.
Now, Rohtash Choudhary’s target is to break the Switzerland record of 2393 Pushups in one hour. If it happeens then it will be a unbelievable record.